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What It Was Like When I Got Semi-Permanent Eyebrow Strokes

A Sharon Lee collaboration
My first post for the New Year featuring my eyebrows.

I have been thinking about getting semi-permanent eyebrow strokes for quite sometime but haven't been able to get it because I was breastfeeding.

Can you imagine my reaction when I found out I could?! (after doing my research of course) Always.

Sharon Lee has a service where she does triple layer semi-permanent stokes with numbing cream that is safe for breastfeeding. This light technique meant that I could get my eyebrows enhanced safely. It also meant that I wouldn’t have to worry about shading them in everyday until my top up (March 2019). Which should last me over a year!

Here's what happened
* Numbing cream was applied to my eyebrows, which baked for 45 mins.
* When Sharon Lee started the strokes, I couldn't feel anything on my right eyebrow. I could hear the blade penetrating my skin (it sounded prickly).
* My left side was sensitive, but I could deal with it. There wasn’t any pain just a little discomfort.
* Once the strokes were made, colour pigment was left on them to absorb. This took no longer than 2 minutes.
* It's was over within 10 minutes. Sharon topped-up each eyebrow up a few times to check the shape and the colour intensity.

The aftercare seemed easy enough. Coating them in Vasline when I washed my face. Only putting Bepanthen on them for six days, so they didn't scab off. You don't want this!

The verdict
I love that (for now) I don't have to draw them in, one less beauty step to worry about. It has been two months and I love them, I'm glad I got the opportunity to have it done. It was nice to take some timeout for myself, have some bubbles at the Hyatt and have my eyebrows tended to.

If I were you...
and you were looking to get it done, do you research. Talk to the salon about what to expect and what could go wrong. Know the differences between the different techniques too!

* I was invited by Sharon Lee to try this service. #STLCollab
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