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My Skin and Ageing

As I get older, I feel that I am thinking more about my skin and how it looks. For example: The bags under my eyes, the dark circles and the dark spots (at least the bags are Chanel).

People have always told me that I have flawless skin, (thank you). I think it's pretty good but I thank the foundation and concealer for keeping me fresh.

I thought I would share my routine with you. As I have gotten older my routine has changed slightly too. 

My Routine

1. I use a very simple facial foam by Nutrimetics and only use half a pump of it (I think I have been using this one for about 4 years now). I love it!!
2. I'm conscious about the sun, because my bestie told me that anything that is in 30+ is only cosmetic (eek) so now I wear Sunsense sunscreen 50+. 

3. At night I use UK brand Nip + Fab glycolic fix, night pads extreme, and give my face a wipe over (only three times a week though) (including my neck and d├ęcolletage) something I learnt from Zoe Foster Blake. You just can't forget that d├ęcolletage!
4. I then apply Nivea's, regenerating night cream, and I smear a generous amount, including the back of my neck (if you think about it, the sun hits you here, especially if you are one who wears your hair up a lot - that's me!).
5. I don't really believe in eye creams that much but having said that - on my travels to Singapore and Bali. Being on the road made me feel tired and dehydrated so I have been swiping my eyes with Nip + Fab Viper Venom Eye Fix Anti-Ageing Gel. I love the cold roller ball that dispenses the eye gel, it has a soothing, cooling effect that makes me feel like it's giving them a drink of water.
If you would like to try some of the products, particularly the Nip + Fab brand, RY (the biggest online store eva) has teamed up with me for an exclusive deal. Use code FV4RY to receive $20 off your first time order over $99. 

I sometimes I smear Bio oil all over my face when I feel I need a little extra hydration. I love doing this because I know, I don't do to much to my skin so that compensates for it.

If you want to know what foundation I use, drop me a line.

Wear that sunscreen on your face! Until next time X

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