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Do You Know What It Actually Means When You Moisturise?! I've Got The Answer And More

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I had a lengthy conversation with one of my girlfriends Lou. We talked about facial products and how they effect our skin and how we can make educated choices when buying skincare.

We also asked ourselves “Do we actually know what a moisturiser does?” I wasn't convinced so I did my research...

By no means I am a skin expert. I am a self confessed beauty addict and I love to trial products. I did my research. I spoke to nutritionists and to a few of the skin consultants at Mecca Maxima and found out what they actually do.

What does a moisturiser do?
By applying moisturiser it creates a barrier over your skin. It keeps the natural oils in (that your skin produces), any special ingredients the moisturiser contains (to work its magic). Trapping the moisture  and ingredients in to be absorbed! Moisturisers hold moisture in the outermost layer (stratum corneum) of the skin and block harmful outside elements from causing dryness or irritation out! 
It's an active barrier. 

Why it is important?
It's important because if you treat your skin with a moisturiser or serum it blocks it in allowing it to absorb in to the skins layers. Nourishing it, giving it a big drink of water with vitamins. Working it’s magic and hydrating your skin, possibly working deep down in to the other layers of the skin. 
Do you know what your skin needs?
Think about it, can you notice where your skin is dry or where you think it might have lost its elasticity? Dig deep and think about what your skin needs. Is it dry, oily or a combination of both? Your skin will have different needs, depending on what your skin type is. 

It goes a bit like this…
For oily skin you might need - lightweight moisturiser, consider a gel product.
For dry skin you might need - thick and creamy moisturiser cause it need a big drink.
For combination you might need - your preference, like me you might want your moisturiser to work hard at night so it still feels supple in the morning.

I personally choose creams and serums that have high vitamin C. I look for high doses of vitamin C, ones tighten brighten, leaving my skin radiant and supple. I always choose a strong, thick cream for night time. I like to think thicker ones nourish and work hard while I sleep. I know I have a good one when I wake up the next day and can still feel a layer over my skin.

I love going to Mecca Maxima because I can get free samples. Its great because you can try them before dropping a bomb on skincare that may not work. Their skin consultants are so knowledgeable and helpful.

My recommendations, tried and tested for me (combination skin type)
Right now I am loving, Korres - natural ingredientsMario Badescue (which I have been using for over a year) and Peter Thomas Rothclinically tested, which I have only been using for a couple of weeks. These are creamy textures that I love, I am big on fragrance too and they all smell fresh to me. I always wear sunscreen!
SO there you have it, I have done all the hard work for you, (you’re welcome!) The natural cycle of the skin is one month so you get your best results after one month of product usage. I have personally seen results and changes in my skin (depending on the product) after only one week. Look out for a change in your skin, it should be more plump and vibrant. Don’t forget to drink lots of water, how you take care of your body effects your skin. 
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