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Linen, The Natural Fibre Worth Investing In: Ways To Style It and More

Sponsored by Canberra Centre
Linen is a breathable, natural fibre and it is the summer look for this season!

Fun fact: Linen is very strong and dries faster than cotton. It is also valued for its exceptional coolness and freshness in hot humid weather. 

I put together three looks for you to try from Muji in Canberra Centre. Using pieces made with linen in hopes to inspire you to invest in this cool natural fibre.

Linen generally comes in very simple styles, hence choosing pieces from Muji. If you don't know much about Muji - learn. about. Muji's. ethos! It will make your soul happy! Simple + Sustainability.

Muji's minimal style shirts and shirt dresses are the perfect base to start. Scoll down to see how I tied, belted and wore linen.

Look 1 - The Linen Dress
Sometimes you just need loose threads to wear in this HEAT. I chose this linen dress with the intention of wearing it off the shoulder and open, for maximum air flow.
Style tip - Glam it up with a statement bag-belt. Pair it back with a tan belt.
Look 2 - The Linen Shirt
If you don’t have a white linen shirt, do yourself a favour and get one! I can’t stop wearing mine, nor do I want too. It looks expensive without actually being expensive.
Style Tip - Glam it up by tying it in a knotPair it back and try a French tuck!
More style tips
Think differently when styling your linen shirt and dresses. Tie the ends in a knot, try a French - tuck one side in; and always roll up the sleeves to at least your wrists!

Genius Photography by Lydia Downe
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