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New Years Beauty Inspo: My Look That Will Last All Night

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Do you need some New Years make up and hair inspo? I've got one that will have your friends saying "YASSS" as soon as they see you! It's even a look that will take to you through to the wee hours of the morning or like me 11pm, well because #mumlife.

When talking to the lovely experts at MAC and Aveda they both said PREP is the key for long-lasting hair and make up. Prep your skin AND your hair with the right products.

My Beauty Look
This look is all. about. the. eye! Eyeshadow is your statement product here. The key to make up longevity is start with a moisturised clean base and to use primer. Put a generous layer of primer on your eyelids.
Burgundy shades are all the rage so find a pallet that has a range of browns, reds and burgundy. You will also need some gold glitter to make your eyes sparkle like a disco ball. 
You'll Need To:
1. Prime your face and layer a little more of it on your eye lids.
2. Apply the eyeshadow as if you were doing a smoking eye but ditch the drab grey and do it with the burgundy shades. Add gold pigment to the inner corners and half of your eye lid.
3. Build your foundation and let it do it's thing and set. In the meantime curl your lashes and add mascara. Repeat!
4. Add concealer after you have done your eyeshadow in case of fall out of product. No point in applying it before (you do your eyeshadow), chances are pigment has fallen under your eyes.
5. Bronze out your cheeks, forehead and dust over your jaw bone. Define it.
6, Highlight all the highest points with Inglot's, Intense Sparkler Face Eyes Body Highlighter.
7. Make your lips kissable with Mina's, Chubby Stick 111. It's basically your lip colour with a little shine to it.
8. Pack your compact and apply it throughout the night!
These are the MAC colours I used.
My Hair Look By Aveda
The key to making your hair last all night is all about the prep (yep, you guessed it!). You'll need to treat your hair with the right styling products. *Note to self, you will need a little more time for this.

You'll Need To:
1. Lift your roots with Pure Abundance Spray, only spray the roots. It infuses the hair with all-day weightless volume.
2. Condition and protect your hair from the heat with Thermal Dry Conditioner. It protects your hair from the heat as well as conditioning the dry ends.
3. With a curling iron or wand, start to curl your hair in your desired segmented pieces. Take your time to crease the hair.
3. Once you have curled all of your hair, apply hair spray! Find one that you like. I look for hair sprays that smell nice and don’t leave my hair crunchy!
4. Just before I leave the house I smooth the ends with a serum or oil.
Try something new, do a smokey eye with burgundy shades and add some sparkle to reveal your inner mermaid. Make your eyes the statement this New Years.

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