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Your Christmas style and gift inspo: Mussen X Statement

We all need a little help with gifts and style inspo for Christmas! What better way to give you some help with one of our most favourite boutique stores Mussen. This post will help you dress on trend for Christmas day and will help give you some unique gifts (including my earring collection ;)). You'll be the most stylish there!

I love reflecting on my achievements at the end of the year. It also makes me think about all the amazing women I have surrounding me. So grateful for all of the support, feedback and encouragement. Looking forward to next year, some big things are happening!

I caught up with boss babe, Mia Carr from Mussen to share her Christmas Summer insights to get you Christmas Day ready.
Pricing for top photo
Sunglasses: Quay $60
Boho babe bag: $99.95

Earrings: Statement from $20 - $40

JW: Ok so first things first TRENDS - what are your top 3?
MC: Gingham - you can't escape it this season so just go with it.
Statement earrings - go glam or go home!
Colour!!! After a very black and white monochrome summer last year it's time to play!  Clash your prints, play with tonal outfits and make sure your shoes are a part of the colour party.

JW: Who is the Mussen store for?
MC: Mussen is for the woman who runs her life. She has many interests and loves to develop and explore her own sense of personal style. The Mussen woman can be in many different stages of her life and we aim to accomodate to her changing needs and always have that something special to brighten her day.

JW: What do you love about being your own boss?
MC: I love that I can really take the time to focus on what I feel is most important which to me will always be our clients at Mussen.  I get to really listen to what they want and develop ways to go above and beyond their expectations of a normal retail experience.  

JW: Describe your style?
MC: It's hard to say, my style changes every day depending on what woman inside me wakes up first in the morning. However, I would say I am a maximalist with every style I wear. I love texture and unexpected detailing whether its faux fur, glitter, sequins or embellishments.  I want to excite myself every time I get dressed.

JW: Why did you decide to stock my label the Statement?
MC: We always want to support and involve local artists and designers with the Mussen Brand and the Statement Collection just alines with us so perfectly! It's fun and different from what you will see everywhere else but we also love to deliver affordable price points that work within the budget of our clients who live busy lives of exploring, creating and building their dream lives. Our favourite thing about the Statement Collection is that it is designed with such love and passion and we can tell story to our clients. 
Nail polish - Kester Black
Lipstick - Shanghi Suzy
Earrings - Zebra tassel, Silver tassel, drop moon enamel.
Earrings: Statement
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