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Exploring Bondi, Sydney: Our QT Bondi Adventure

Forget about the main Bondi beach street (Campbell parade), Gould street is where it is at! Except when your walking down to the beach (of course).

A great way to look at booking a mini vacation is by focusing on exploring one suburb! Well, last weekend Paul and I did just that and purely focused on exploring BONDI and it did not disappoint!

If you want to stay at the most exciting and cool place in Bondi stay QT Bondi. They have beach cruisers you can hire and take them for a spin on the beach front (which totally rocks, I even did it in heels).

What we did (ideas for you next visit to Bondi)

3pm – Arrived leisurely, squeezed in a leg work out and checked in to QT Bondi. The most fun and exciting hotel (with beachy theme park feels) its the coolest hotel I have ever been too.
Activity – Walk along the beach and head to the north side and check out the star fish and crabs.
Dinner – The best pasta I have EVER eaten in my life! Was at A Tavola.
Discover – In a small arcade downstairs from A Tavola is the Harris Farm Markets, where I discovered Feijoa’s (I thought I would never be able to eat these again because I could never see!) I was so excited and bought a few. Spoilt yourself and buy some flowers.

Breakfast – We were a little naughty and picked up some coffee and donuts from Donut Time. We decided we would take them back to the hotel and eat them in bed whilst watching the UFC on FOX.
Activity – We walked from Bondi to Tamarama beach (something I have always wanted to do) The cliffs are beautiful we stopped and just watched the waves – we felt ZEN, we lost track of time.
Activity – We decided we would take the QT beach cruisers along the beach front and look at the art along the way to dinner at Ice Bergs (fine dining) Look at the view ate seafood like royalty, the meal was flawless and worth the price (still reasonable) for the view.
Late Dinner – We booked ourselves in for a late lunch at Icebergs – This place and the iconic view never gets old. To make sure you get a table we suggest you book in advance.
Activity – Paul and I love massages so we booked in for a massage at Bondi Thai Massage. When we got back to the hotel we were so relaxed we put on a movie and fell as sleep.

For breakki I hit up Anita La Mamma del gelato, and  I ATE the best salted caramel with white chocolate ice cream whilst sipping on a coffee from Drake Eatery (it was like a sexy smooth affogato). PAUL on the other hand (a lot healthier than me) had a muscle mania smoothie from Parisi to help maintain his huge guns! ;). We couldn't leave Bondi with a spot of shopping, hitting up Tuchuzy and Playa (Bondi's new lifestyle store) Its so gorgeous in here, I didn't buy anything in here but I get some interior inspiration. 

There was soo much to do and we probably needed another day there. For your next travel try and focus on one suburb when visiting Sydney and if you want to relax, stay by the beach. Bondi is amazing and so is Qt hotel! Bondi is a great couples weekend away, so much to do but the beach.
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