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NEW Virtual styling services available

I created my blog ‘The Statement Life’ because I wanted to share my style and products that I use with my readers. I am stylist, emcee and content creator. As well as an avid collector of luxury fashion. Personal and fashion is my passion and I am so lucky to be working in what I love. In my career I have worked with international brands, fashion week, shows, events, productions and shoots.

For women and men, across every age group, shopping becomes simple and rewarding. The session becomes fun with me as your stylist. I find quality clothes and accessories that match your lifestyle, body shape and budget. A master of efficient shopping and with ease, I use every moment of your time to better understand your needs. With me, the final result is a wardrobe filled with staples and garments for every occasion and no more wasted time. I can teach you about what suits you and your body shape so you never have to waste time again. 

During my sessions I will share my tips and best buys on latest trends. Also, I don't follow trends, I appreciate them. They  have a time and a place. I will teach you how to incorporate them into your 9-5, show you how to take outfits from day to night. I know what key pieces you need in your capsule wardrobe. I can show you how to accessorise and personalise your own style.

I want all my clients nail their personal look, I want them to feel empowered. I hope that my posts and styling services inspire you in some way.

Services I offer:

* NEW - Virtual styling session *

I tailor each session to your needs.
You might be interested in knowing:
- What key staples everyone must own
- What style personality and body shape you have
- How to build a capsule wardrobe
- What colours suit you best
- How to layout your wardrobe like a style queen
- Help with letting go of pieces you have kept for way too long!

Cost $60 for a one hour virtual session

The Makeover (minimum 2 hours)
1. We start this session at a coffee shop and have a chat about what your needs are at this time in your life. This could be a makeup look your trying work in you life, it could be some new key pieces in your wardrobe or it could be BOTH. 
2. I bring my makeup belt with us ready to try on any make up looks you want to try and off we go. If your desired look is the "bronzed looked" we get all the products you need, to get that look (at an affordable price of course!).
3. We don't stop till your complete look is achieved. This can take as long or a short as you require, like all the other services this look is tailored.

The Wardrobe Edit (minimum 2 hours)
1. We start at your home and ‘audit’ your current wardrobe. I will look at what you have and which of those pieces are the ‘must keep’.
2. I will lookout for current pieces you can match them with (combinations that you may not have thought of), and ideas for a few basic ‘add-ons’ you could buy to give you a variety of options for maximising the pieces you have.
3.We can also decide which pieces really aren’t ‘you’. I want you to feel confident in everything you own and know how to put the combinations together. So that every time you leave the house you feel empowered and comfortable.

As part of the wardrobe edit, I help you understand your body shape and give you style personality test.
I reorganise what items in your wardrobe to make it easier for you. I help find the outfit you want. We can go through these and I will take photos of outfit combinations, so that you can put them together easily at a later time.

The Shopping Edit (no minimum)
We begin our session with a cup of coffee at the shopping centre of your choice. I get to know you as a person and what items of clothing you like to wear. We then make a list of what to shop for and plan out what stores to hit. We shop until we get every item, literally ‘shop till we drop’. I teach you about what styles suit your body shape for when you shop on your own.

The Wardrobe and Shop Edit (minimum 2 hours)
A combination of the two edits. It’s up to you how much time you want to spend on each – I am very flexible and will fit in with your needs.

For more information about:
The girls day out edit, group styling sessions (perfect for hens) and gift vouchers are a great Christmas gift.

Email or call me to book in a session or 0421 102 606
Pricing for all services: $90 per hour


- Samantha, February 2020 (Google review)

I had such an amazing time with Janette. She is so knowledgeable, kind and helpful. We went to a few different stores with no obligation to buy anything. Janette picked out outfits for me to try on, to show me different styles and little tips and tricks to put an outfit together. She taught me how to dress to suit my style and body shape, so I could do it even without her being there. I’d highly recommend Janette!

- Lydia, February 2020 (Google review)
I have had the pleasure of working alongside Janette for brands such as the Canberra Centre, L'Occitane, Estée Lauder and Calvin Klein - and the content we have produced together is by far some of my favourite work! In a world where many influencers/bloggers view themselves as being “socially elite” Janette is a breath of fresh air. She is honest, down-to-earth, and always friendly and approachable. Her collaborations are authentic, and her background in fashion and styling always ensures the highest quality content with genuine information and advice. Janette is a natural-born model and requires little to no guidance in front of the camera - a photographer’s dream! Her ability to bring together different outfits, themes and photoshoots in the space of minutes is a true testament to her styling abilities.

- Amy, April 2018

I’d never met with a stylist before and I wasn’t sure what to expect. I must say that I had a fun, fun, fun time. Janette has such a friendly, gentle nature and really put me at ease immediately. But at the same time, she really challenged me by recommending that I tried on outfits that I would never have considered on my own.

Janette opened my eyes up to a lot of possibilities and took me into stores that I would never dreamed of entering (well not in the past 10 years!) and I was surprised that I could find items that covered my bulging, stretched belly and made me feel beautiful in fashion stores I had deemed ‘young people’ stores and to never enter again under any circumstance. I walked away with some fabulous new pieces for my wardrobe that I loved.

I would definitely recommend a session with Janette to anyone who was interested and will be enlisting her services again the next time I am looking at doing a major wardrobe edit. Big thanks Janette.

- MARZIEH, December 2016

1. Why did you think you needed a makeup session?
I asked for a makeup session to update my look, remain current and to feel more confident.
I had been using the same make up for 10 years and I felt like it was time to try something new.

2. What do you differently now?
Since the make over, I do everything different now! I use more nude colours, I use a darker foundation, I pencil in my eye brows and I use concealer and highlighter. It is so much fun and I am surprised that even though I use more make up, I actually look more natural.

3. Tip to pass on to someone else?
I would recommend someone to buy a session because Janette has a great vision and knows how to help you achieve the look you want. I would also say it is important to not be afraid and to embrace change.

4. Why would you recommend this type of session?
 I would recommend this session because it was personalised. Janette looked at what I had and updated my makeup kit. She also helped me choose brands, colours and stayed within my budget. Without her help I could have chosen the wrong concealer and continued to wear the incorrect foundation.

5. Two items you love from the session and why?
I love my eye brow kit because it transforms my face! And I love my concealer because it contours my nose.

I learnt how to contour, how to use make up correctly and what colours suit my face. For example, I have a yellow undertone instead of a pink undertone. I also learnt how to make make up stay!

- NIKKI, 4 May 2016

"Hi Janette, it's Nikki from the shopping spree! I can't thank you enough for today. I just tried on all my goodies at home and I am simply stoked at everything we picked out and for your help. I'm so excited to show off my new a-maz-ing bardot jeans! 

Here are some "after" happy snaps and I definitely have a few friends who would love to meet you and get your help (they aren't as rough around the edges as me haha) so is it ok of I pass on your mobile number or do you have a website or FB page I can direct them to?

Thank you again for everything. You've made a huge difference for me and hubby loves the choices too!! I'll definitely be calling on you again in the future Xx"

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