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Everything you need to see and do in Bungendore and Braidwood

Visit Queanbyan-Palerang
I can't believe one of the most beautiful wineries I have ever been to is 30 minutes away from Canberra! Our family recently worked with Queanbyan Palerang, where we travelled to Bungendore and Braidwood to discover their hidden gems. We normally drive through both these places, but...

This time was different. We took our time to soak it all in and found so many treasures along the way! In this post I share with you, everything you need to see and do in Bungendore and Braidwood.

Let your kids run wild at the park Ryrie Park, King Highway. They can burn some calories while one of you gets the coffees. They will love it here, Luna didn't want to come off the flying fox.

We always go to the same pie shop, out of habit but you know what, we plan to make a new habit and hit up a new cafe each time. We went to Vanilla at Altenberg which had a secret garden, it's off the main road. The idea coffee and freshly baked scones (with loads of cream) was just what we needed.

My highlights from Bungendore

 1. Contentious Character was a true highlight of the trip! Luna and I running through the vines. I seriously felt like I was in Chianti, Italy. You have to go there and run in the vines yourselves. You might even see 'Peter Rabbit'! We spotted a huge Hare, which we ran after.

2. If you have a free Saturday or Sunday take a quick drive to The Gathering Cafe, I vibed with this place and I think you will too. From the friendly staff to their menu. It had such a nice vibe, keen to go back.

3. Le Tres Bon was a an insane surprise! From the bonjour at the door to the Duck Chicken and Pork fillet to the FRESH Salmon Tartare - we were seriously blown away. Chef Christophe Gregoire spent some time speaking with Paul about his restaurant. We walked away from there thinking what a quaint restaurant -we have to go back!

My highlights from Braidwood

1. This one is for the husbands. Serving cold Canberra, beers on tap - yes you read right! Smokey Horse is bloody awesome! Dishing out Himalayan food. Their delicious mo mo's (dumplings), spiced fries and crispy fried wings will leave you thinking you need to have more Himalayan food more often! We loved this place from the beer to the atmosphere. 

2. How cute is this photo?! We bought ice creams from The Boiled Lolly. Such a great idea to stop there on a hot sunny day. Get yourself a scoop or two. 

3. I did a bit of Christmas shopping at Sandalwood Homewears they had some unique gifts! I loved being able to pick up a few goodies and support local. It made me feel really good.
Leave the city life behind and soak in the countryside. We all should do this more, be present and make those precious family memories.
Take some time out and do something as a family. Drive to Bungendore and to Braidwood. Make a SLOW weekend of it. There are so many treasures to be found. Enjoy the wide open plains, fresh air for your lungs and being present with you family. It's just what you all need. So next time you're planning a get away head to Bungendore or Braidwood.

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