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2021 Autumn hair styles for you to try right now

Welcome to my sweetest dreams!

Aaagh caramel slice, honeycomb chunks and pecan pie... I hope this is what heaven is like. I’m rolling around in this deliciousness. As I take my nose away from my hair, I remind myself I’m daydreaming. Damn. If only my hair could turn into the above sweet treats. 

Now unfortunately this post isn’t about food, it’s about the latest hair colour and trends for the season. These will not only revamp your spark but instill the 2021 boss babe look we are all going for!

I was lucky enough to get my hair coloured and cut and styled by the one and only Michael Cataldo from Cataldo's, Canberra City. You have absolutely have to love it when your hairdresser actually listens to you. It’s a rarity.

I needed a fresh new hairstyle ready for autumn and something that was easily maintainable where I didn’t have to go into the salon every six weeks because #MumLife...

For as long as 3 years I have been trying to grow my hair. I have had it styled the same way for the equivalent amount of time. I became very attached to it, but I thought a dramatic change was in order, it was nerve racking, but I took the plunge!!

My hair reveal


My salon tips

Next time you visit the salon. Ask for warm highlights. Double dip in caramel slice and pecan pies. By choosing these colours, it will create more warmth and make you look radiant. Say goodbye to the stock standard Ashy blonde tones and hello to the golden gaytime tones. 

Try my top three lob, autumn looks

Here are my top three looks if you dare to try them. From short middle-parted lobs to blunt bobs with fringes.

1. Try the middle parted lob

2. Try the bob with a fringe

3. The edgy lob

Images found from Getty Images.

I’m absolutely 'in love' with my new look! I’m all ready for autumn. My new hair colour is everything I’ve ever wanted. And as for Michael, he has exceeded my expectations. A massive thank you and a big kiss, I love my NEW hair!!

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