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Event recap: In Conversation with Roxy Jacenko and my top 3 take aways

In conversation with Roxy Jacenko

When the PR queen comes to Canberra - Canberra women turn up!

I went a long to the 'In converstaion with Roxky Jacenko' dinner as I wanted to find out how her businesses was going through these crazy times.

Being on the other side of PR, budgets were cut and my work was halved. I needed to hear how she made it work for all of her businesses. 

2020 has been really tough for people and businesses. My industry was impacted hard.

In this blog post I share my fave take aways from Roxy's intimate dinner. There were two words that really resonated with me. I have written them on my mirror to remind me to be...

1. Be reactive

THINK DIFFERENTLY - People still have to pay for their mortgages, school fees and their staff. With budgets being cut, your forced to think differently to keep your business a float. Accepting that it may not be your biggest profitable year but finding ways to make an IMPACT.

You have to move with the times, keep at it to make it work!

2. Be fluid

/'flu:id/ the meaning: a substance that has no fixed shape and yields easily to external pressure; a gas.

BE FLUID - When Roxy mentioned the word 'fluid' I instantly felt calmer. It was a softer word for flexible. I liked it more... it made me think of swimming with others to make it work and pulling together as a team. You need to work with a strong team who has the same vision. Passion is everything!

3. Snap lock bags, one for the mums

"Put everything in Ikea snap lock bags" Roxy said. "If something needs fixing put it in a snap lock bag". If your child needs to take something to school, zip it in a bag! To me it's like using those clear folders where you put your admin in, but for actual items. It's genius!
Amanda - Courgageous Ladies and April - Thebodzilla
Flowers by Poho Flowers
Michelle, Amanda and April

YASSS queen to all of the above!


It was so nice to finally meet you Roxy! I love you're tell all attitude and admit you're no filter! Thanks for sharing your insights to what it is like running a multiple business through these crazy COVID times. Us Canberra women appreciate the time you took to share your knowledge and motivate us.

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