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Event recap: Monster Kitchen - Celebrating the year of the veg

#Invited to the Year of the Vege, Monster Kitchen and Bar event
Talia Liolios, Renee and Nicole
Celebrating the year of the vege dinner was such a memorable occasion! Most importantly being able to dress fancy and go to events again felt magical. I felt like I was teleported to one of the dream levels in Inception (remember that movie?).

It’s a ballsy move to go 365 days without meat! The fact that ALL three of Ovoloo hotel restaurants (Monster Kitchen and Bar, Za Za Ta and Alibi have made the pledge shows some serious vege game. This in my eyes also shows leadership and innovation. The way we eat nowadays is sooo different! As a family we try eat 12 veg meals a week. 

If you didn’t watch my Instagram stories or reel. Here's a glimpse of the event with the most beautiful dishes, I have ever seen! BLOWN AWAY!
Stephen Howard 

VEGE menu recommendations

The parmesan churros. I ate the too quickly before I took a photo!!

Hay smoked beetroot tartare

Hand crafted spaetzle - gruyere, soubise, 63 hens egg


Seriously be prepared to be WOW-ed, this menu will have you engaged with each other all night! From guessing the flavour combinations and ingredients used.

Make you next date at Monster Kitchen and Bar. You will be blown away!

Massive congratulations to head chef, Paul Wilson and the Ovoloo team.

Thank you to the AH-MAZING team @ovolohotels @the_mark_agency for inviting me, I have loved @monsterkitchenbar ‘s concepts from the start! XX

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