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An experience! A must try, Alibi the best vegan restaurant in Sydney

In collaboration with Alibi
Since meeting world-leading chef and the master of plant base, Matthew Kenny last year at Monster Kitchen & Bar.

I have been inspired and I knew I had to pay a little visit to Alibi, pronto!

I love his passion, his choice AND how his skin just glowed. All because of the choice he made 15 years ago to eat plant based.

I don’t think he has realised how much of an impact he has made in our lives (and so many others). I (our family) made to conscious effort to eat more plant based foods.
Last week I ran a competition to have dinner with me at AlibiSydney (travel included). It was an opportunity for one lucky winner to pick my brain about business- over a deliciously, flavoursome meal.

It was a lovely evening with you Rona! We shared some personal views about over-sharing on Instagram and our plans for 2020!!

Thank you Rona, I loved meeting you and you're SUCH a doll. X


Is a discovery maze, where you feel like you are living the life of a psycadelic, Alice and Wonderland.

It was intriguingly magical. For every wall or room there was art that made you walk closer to inspect. every.little. detail.

What we ate

*Butternut squash gnocchi
Farro bolognese

*Spring miso ramen
Bok Choy, enoki, garlic shoot, tempeh crumb

*Green peas
Pistachio yogurt, mint oil
What a combo! It was fresh 

*Heirloom tomato pizza

I am a sucker for pizza, so naturally I ordered it.

*Kimchi dumplings
redcabagee puree, coconut coriander wrapper, ginger foam

These dumplings are the signature dish and must-have. If you go, these dumplings with ginger foam are a MUST! Feel the different textures and distinct flavours. YUM!
If you are preggo (which I am not!), their mocktails are out-STANDING! I'll keep that a secret so you can try one yourselves.

Bottom line

1.       Change your habits and experiment by cooking your traditional meals with veges instead of meat. I do it all the time with butter vegetables, eggplant spaghetti.
2.      Go to Alibi, Sydney! We had such a fantastic experience AND think of all of the delicious photo’s you will be able to take!
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