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My new electronic discovery: Don't be a phone slave, save time when your phone charges

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How many of you feel like you are a slave to your phone or charger?!

This blog is about how you can be controlled less by your phone. I have some smart tips to stay productive and I want to share an awesome product that I have just discovered. I know you'll love it too! 

If you are conscious of these tips, I promise you will spend less time on your phone!

Before you reach for your phone try these tips:

1. First thing in the morning, create before you consume (ask yourself, what are you reaching for your phone for?) If your writing a post OR writing a message, go for it!
2. Have a purpose (If scrolling through your IG is your entertainment. Put a time cap on it AND keep an eye on the time!).
3. Let the emails come to you. This one is hard (especially if you are waiting for one to come back). Have patience (something I need to work on!).

OK, hands up, how many of you feel like you are a slave to your charger?!

You walk in the door in search for the CHARGER, am I right?!

I know it only takes a second to plug it in BUT imagine if you got to miss out on that step?!

I was lucky enough to recieve a HPM Wireless Charging Station to test out.

I love it!

I place my smartphone on the Qi-certified pad and start charging, with total freedom without cables or adaptors. 
We installed ours by our couch it has saved us fiddling with cords and chargers. The Wireless Charging Station is available at Mitre 10 nationally for $92.55. 
I try not to spend too much time on my phone but sometimes (I am a slave to it).

I hope you at least try one or two of my steps. They have helped me, you just have to practice them!
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