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What are you grateful for? New friendships and colourful Bianca Beers

How good is it when you meet someone NEW that you just vibe with?!

It's soo good and RARE.

When I was in Sydney working for Microsoft I met the most incredible woman! Bianca Beers. 

You don't always have space for new friends, unless you offer each other something unique. I felt that when I met Bianca, I think she is so special and I wanted to share some of her story with you. 

She came in to my life when I needed someone to hold me accountable.

We also came up with some amazing GIFS that I know you will love and help inspire you.

Who are you? 

My name is Bianca Beers, I'm a freelance artist and designer from Sydney with a bald head and a penchant for colour!

1. What are your career highlights? Brands you have worked with

I’ve worked with a few awesome companies such as Asics, Puma, Sony and Adobe, but my favourite projects have been my most recent - I did a fun series of self-love GIFs for Frank Body earlier this year, and a mural for a high school inspired by ‘the power of perserverence’. Those have been my favourite as the projects were fun and they both carried positive and empowering messages!

2. Describe your style

My style is comfy, cool and colourful. My main thing is to always be comfortable and whenever I visit NYC I like to thrift my heart out, which takes up about half my wardrobe, so a lot of my clothing is retro and loose fit. 

3. Any tips for women wanting to get in to your industry

Be yourself, express yourself, stay true and just do it, because you’re not gonna get anywhere trying to be someone else! Be open to learning, experiment with your style and mediums, visit galleries and exhibits, take classes, network and create!! Sometimes you don’t feel like creating, but it’s important to realise that’s normal and it’s fine. Creativity is really like an ebb and flow - so make the most of it when you can and be gentle with yourself when you’re not really feeling it.

4. What’s next?

My next move is a big one - I want to live permanently in NYC! I’ve travelled there often cos its a great city for networking and collaboration, and my partner lives there too so the sooner the move the sooner we can live and build together. Right now in Sydney I feel like a medium fish in a small pond, so the moment I feel big enough I'm off to that big pond, baby! 

5. What is the first thing you do in the morning?

The first thing I do is my daily gratitudes; I think of all the things I'm grateful for. This has been an important lil practice for me, it's made me more appreciative of what I have and increased my positivity, it's great starting the day on a positive note :)

6. Advice for staying on track?

Number one, keep a diary and write out your to-do lists daily! At the end of every month, or even every week if you can, reflect on your progress and keep youraked accountable! 

I have a great planner called Livvit which I buy every year that I’d definitely recommend - you can buy it online and it gets delivered to you in a couple weeks, so it’s smart to order ahead! It has a few pages on goal setting at the beginning of the year, as well as weekly and monthly goal reflection prompts. I find it really useful for keeping myself motivated and on-track :) 

Other than that, exercise and meditation are great for keeping you balanced, positive and productive. If you’re new to meditation, I’d recommend the app Oak for guided meditations, and once you’ve got the hang of it you can try the app Insight Timer which includes more options and unguided meditations. 

Bianca has reinforced so many practices in my life and its nice to be reminded that there are other people out there that practice what I live everyday. One thing that I love is my daily gratitudes that I practice, this and breakfast in bed with my family.

Also, the diary that I have keeps me accountable and points out my monthly WINS, sometimes you forget those and I think its an important be reminded. When you work hard you see results BUT it all about being flexible and well rounded. Be your best always, be proud.

Images supplied by Bianca Beers
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