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Tommy and Me: Being a Tommy Hilfiger model

Im kicking some serious career goals. Im feeling so proud of what I have achieved and am welcoming these waves of opportunities. This post is about me being a Tommy Hilfiger model and talking about fashion sustainability.

I hope you enjoy it and start to think about some of the impacts your clothes have on the world and people. Have a vision board, manifest what you want. Always check to see if your working towards your END.GOAL!

Tommy and Me

Can you imagine my face when I got the email in my inbox confirming I landed the Tommy Hilfiger campaign?

I was floating on cloud 9 and my inner high school girl was screaming with EXCITEMENT!

I am Tommy Hilfiger girl, chosen for their national campaign.

John Batement from the Canberra Raiders was also chosen for the campaign. It was a surreal moment to be shooting with a professional football player.

Where you will see these images

They will be on the Tommy Hilfiger website and social media (Instagram and Facebook).

Who is making sustainable fashion choices?

Fashion can be a fickle industry. One trend comes, goes, and it’s soon forgotten about. But these days, we’re more concerned than ever about the perils of fast fashion, and what we can do to help but still look stylish at the same time.
One thing to keep in mind throughout is how you can do your bit for the planet and make sustainable fashion choices.

Tommy Hilfiger, the American heritage brand announced its plans for a new line of 100 percent sustainable denim. So cool, the denim lab is the driving-force behind Tommy’s sustainable production approach, with a focus on reducing water usage, energy consumption and waste products through innovative dry and wet finishing processes.

Another brand that is also changing its ways it ASOS. 34% off all fibres used in their brands come from sustainable sources. It’s easier than you think to make small choices that make a difference, just do your research first.
When you buy, do a little research and see where the brands sits and they are doing for the environment.

From a consumers perspective. When you buy a piece, you should ask yourself “will I wear this more than 30 times?”.

Keep pushing for your dreams, only you can make it happen! What are your goals this month?

Photography by Lydia Downe
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