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Working with Microsoft and kicking some serious goals with Microsoft #workwithsurface

How good does it feel when you get the type of email that makes you so happy, you squirm?!

I got that type of email a few weeks back. It was an invitation from Microsoft.


This blog post is about what I got up to while I was in Sydney #workfromsurface.
I was picked up and driven to the Le Port space in Roseberry where  I saw the most amazing and Instagram-able work space your eye would ever see.
EVER. I wish my house was styled this way.

My desk was fully decked out. personal touches - a picture of Luna and I, endless supply of Cranberry Capri's, note books and the new Microsoft headphones to test out.
We were there to work, create content and work the way we normally would in a collaboration with new contacts. I met some amazing people Jess Ruhfus, founder of Collabosarus, Bianca Beers, who is seriously talented in SO many ways - check her out AND my friend Debbie from IG Loopsymum). 
It was an event that took a balanced and holistic approach to work. Mimosas at 11 and yoga at 11:30! 
I learnt many things at the #workfromsurface event. 

My two take away's are:

1. Be open to meeting new people and making friends (even if your 'openings' are full). I vibed with Bianca, she had a warmth and trust about her. We have been working with each other ever since. Now, watch this space!
2. Learn as much as you can. Sometimes when I am surrounded by inspiring people, I REALLY listen and make note of it. There's a reason why people have gotten to where they are and you can always learn a thing or two.
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