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Friday, 8 February 2019

The 3 W's: Weddings, Weekend and Work - Dresses for all events

PrettyLittleThing Collaboration
With my events calendar filling up with weddings and birthday's to celebrate. I thought its best to plan ahead and be covered, literally!

Like you would plan out your tasks daily and weeks ahead. I took a look at planning my outfits according to events that were popping up in my calendar. I don't have time to be scrambling for an outfit. I need ready-to-wear styles that express my style personality.

I was super surprised and excited when I unwrapped these delicate and detailed dresses from Pretty Little Thing. These styles ranging from $25 to no more than $82! Here are some of my fabulous finds to get me through girly weekend catch ups; wedding celebrations for Ellen and Hart: and for the work week!

Look 1. The Asymmetrical Dress
Dinner and drinks with the girls - "I'll order a Mango Tango Please?!"
Oh how I adore this yellow one shoulder dress! I am such a huge fan of asymmetrical styles. In my head I can see multiple usage for this one. Double dare me to wear it to work?! I will, with a blazer over it of course. Great for events and work.
Style tip - Glam it up with a statement beltPair it back and wear it on its own. 
Look 2. The Work Dress
Rock in to work on Tuesday, hit up Space Kitchen for a coffee - "May I please have a long black?"
I was drawn to this grey checked blazer dress as it looked easy to wear. Literally, put it on and GO! I love it even more cause wearing it with sneakers is my vibe! 
Style tip - Pair it back and wear it with a Balenciaga cap.
Look 3. The Dress to wear to Ellen and Harts wedding
All. the. luxe. feels. Embroidered with flowers and pearly trimmed mini, with intricacies of couture without the price tag. It stunned me only $82! Looking forward to watching Ellen and Hart tie the knot, now that I have this amazing dress to wear.


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