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Karinya House: Raising Awareness For A Soft Spot in My Heart

Being a new mum with AMAZING support reminds me of just how lucky I am. I thank my mum for her home cooked meals, my mother-in-law who is my second mum, and my husband who supports me, gives me advice when I need it. I couldn't imagine raising Luna with no support.

I've seen some of Sarah Kelly's (President) involvement with Karinya House. I wanted to know more and see if I could do anything to contribute somehow. She gave me a tour and provided me with more information about what they do for women in Canberra.

Karinya House has been a sanctuary for mums and bubs. It's a local community organisation, supporting vulnerable mother's and at risk. Karinya House is all about investing in their lives, in their children for their futures. It is a space to create opportunity. I love that, and even if it's just me trying to bring awareness.

Christmas Collaboration
I have teamed up with Anchor and Arrow on a Christmas gift for Mums and Bubs. 5 per cent of the sales will go to Karinya House. I am so excited to be doing this and giving back!
I asked Sarah what is the best thing about being part of Karinya House?

Sarah Kelly “There are too many “best parts” to mention really. 

I think I would break it down in that first and foremost, what could be more rewarding than helping another woman - in whatever form that takes, women supporting women is something I am very passionate about.

Add to that, another vital layer that this woman is pregnant with NO support.  This is the overwhelming driver to want to be a part of her story that changes her life, the life of her baby, for the better and forever.

The next best thing is having the opportunity to do this with a team of incredible people who also share the same vision. The heart and soul of Karinya House is the Committee and staff and volunteers and I am constantly humbled when I witness their skill, their commitment and their passion for women in need. 

I believe in a human social conscience and as clich├ęd as “giving back” sounds – we all inherently need to do this in a shape or form to feel alive.

In my role as President, I feel truly humbled to be a small part of these women’s stories of change, courage and hope.”

You can help too!
Karinya House need 'friends of Karinya' (financial friends). For $20 a month you could support a mother, or a mother to be. You can make one off donations too! If you are a corporate organisation, Karinya is looking for partners. If you would like to get involved please do.

A special comment someone left on the Karinya House Facebook page
Karinya House were a massive part of mine and my children’s journey. They provided us with shelter, belonging, validation, love and so much more. Just when I had lost almost everything in my life, these amazing guardian angels helped me to stand tall and be the proud, grateful and compassionate mother and woman I am today. If you are a mother or are expecting and need guidance, a safe home or some direction, I recommend you contact Karinya House. They rebuilt me, when I had nothing left. Thank you Karinya House, I am extremely grateful.

How do you feel after reading this post? I hope you feel inspired, from woman to another. Let's help other women. For my Christmas present this year I will be asking Paul to donate Karinya House.

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