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Invest. Prep. Protect. GLOW! My Summer Hero, Face Products, I Swear By!

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The skin on your face should mean everything to you! You should look after it like you do your, health and diet! It's the largest organ of your body, it needs all the nourishing and moisture.

I love sharing products I can't live without with my friends. Umm-ing and Ahh-ing over what to do when you run out, 'do you buy it again?! or do you you try something else!?' It's a constant battle when I pour the bottle upside down for the last drop of serum... 

My job is to try new products and share them with you. I honestly- love to mix it up and try different brands and recommendations (from you). EVER get the feeling your skin isn't responding they way it use to? (when you first started using the product?) OR in between seasons your face requires more nourishment OR more gel hydration? Well mine right now, is going through the 'I need a gel-like moisture hydration' and an eye mask to wake me up - well because #mumlife!

I came up with this pos to help you and make you think about what your face needs right now. Do you know what your face needs right now? Stop and really think about it. Give it what is craving!

My top 3 face products I swear by
I use so many more more but if I had to choose only 3 these would be it.
1. Rationale, Immunology Serum - Provides skin with clarity and calmness by boosting skin immune responses and targeting pigmentation.
Hack - you can buy almost the exact same thing from The Ordinary, Niacinamide and Ascorbyl (Mia Carr, another girlfriend of mine just told, it's the exact same ingredients) and it's one quarter of the price!!
2. Philosophy, Take a Deep Breath Gel Cream - SOOO Hydrating, I feel it absorb into my skin in an instant - leaving it plump, bouncy and fresh. It revitalises my spirit. Here's proof I have been using it for a couple months now.
3. Mario Badescu, Enzyme Revitalising Mask - I need this at least once a fortnight, it just cleans and brightens my face.
I caught up with one of my friends Kata Cser and she shared some of her fave products. Since she's a skin queen, an Arbonne Independent Consultant (Executive Regional Vice President) she would know a thing or two about the skin on you face.

Kata's Top Tips
1. Girl, wash your face...!
Seriously. We live in a world where, as much as I wish it was, it ain't all that pure. Air pollutants like motor vehicle emissions, solid fuel combustion, industrial emissions, and materials such as paints and adhesives in new buildings, as well as biological pollutants like moulds, the skin of animals and humans and the remains and dropping of pests such as cockroaches all fly around in the air that we breathe... gross, right? Want to look good when you're 50? Wash your face. Twice a day, every day (morning and night). I know we all like to believe that using nothing is better than something, which in old times may have been true, but today girlfriend, the toxicity is already out there, and unfortunately our skin isn't quite evolving fast enough to deal with it. So help protect it by removing surface scum each day. And adding a protective layer, like Arbonne's pollution defense cc cream or makeup setting spray with pollution shield technology that helps shield skin from environmental stressors. 
2. There are no quick fixes...
Your skin, over time, is the ultimate snitch on what's going on inside... stress, hormones, lack of sleep, waaaay too many margaritas, or arguments with your husband... your skin is not only a protector from the outside but a detoxifying machine from the inside. What's inside, will come out. So treat your *self* with respect and your skin will follow suit. Get good sleep, drink enough water, use a good skincare routine, cut the processed foods and don't stress about your life (seriously, everything always falls into place - learn to trust life and relax) and remember that what's showing on the surface was actually created up to 4 weeks prior (usually in the gut - diet is everything) and is only now making its way to the top. It's kind of like your hair... don't treat the dead split ends, treat the root cause. And give it time. 

3. Do your research
Just because T-Swift endorses it does not mean it's actually good for you.. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE T-Swift but you have to understand that from a business point of view, businesses target people through lack of education. Grab the bottle of whatever you're using and google the ingredients. Really. If you're committing to allowing your skin to absorb over 12 products, and 515 chemicals, every single day for the rest of your life, I hope you know what you're putting on yours, and your families skin. We all have different values but I doubt that if you really knew what's in your products you would 100% willingly choose that particular product or brand again and again. Knowledge is power and ultimately, security. Give yourself the peace of mind and give your personal care as much thought as you do your diet. 

There you have it, think about what your face needs and help it GLOW!

What are your fave products? Is there something in your life I need to try?! I would love to hear from you.
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