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Top 3 Beauty Tips You Need to Start Doing Now From The Make Up Master, Pinky

I recently had the privilege to emcee the Eden, beauty masterclass at the Canberra Centre. Pinky (AKA Nicole Thompson) is a super famous make up artist. She has worked with Circ de Solei performers, Kate Hudson and international and local fashion shows.

I loved that there was not one beauty blender in sight. It was a simple tutorial using multiple-purpose products. I don't want to buy a new product every week, I just want a solid capsule make up products.
Here are my three favourite beauty tips:
1. Don’t skimp on prepping your skin! Pinky used several different hydrating products before applying any makeup, including an eye mask, serum, oil and a cream. She spoke on the importance of skincare and it's effect on the outcome of your makeup. Pinky recommends using serums as they sink into the skin rather than moisturisers that tend to sit on top of the skin.
2. Pinky’s favourite multi-use product is the M.A.C Retro Matte Liquid Lipcolour. During the tutorial she used it as an eye shadow, a blush, and of course a long wear lipstick. Due to it's durability it will stay looking fresh on your cheeks and will keep your eye shadow in place all day.
3. Leave your powder for last. The longer your foundation has to set on your face, the less powder you will need. Setting your foundation with powder also makes it harder to clean up mistakes so leaving it till the very end gives you a chance to really perfect your look!
TFV Contributor, Philippa Olrick and Nutritionist, Ashley Cox
Editor of Leiden Magazine, Emma
I had an absolute blast! Pinky, you rock. Thanks for bringing us back to simple basics, using our hands and fingers to apply make up and not selling us trends! 

A special mention * My make up was done by 3INA and my hair was touched up by Anna in Aveda at the Canberra Centre. White dress from David Jones, Studio W.

All photos taken by Lydia Downe Photography
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