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These Boots are Made for Walking... also Looking Good and Keeping Warm

Thigh high boots are my go-to this Winter. As cold as it is, I like to show a little skin. Shorts and skirts are my best option when wearing thigh highs. If I wear them with jeans they make me look really chunky so I tend to stay away from them.

I picked these up from Nordstrom (end of season sale) which meant they were 60% off. Clever right?! When its our Winter it's their Summer which means SALE and its a good time to shop. This isn't a paid post, it's just a stylists tip that I want to share with you because it's money smart.
I could of bought black but as you all know I'm on strike for wearing black this Winter. I went for a neutral tone which still goes with everything (just like black). I chose a block heel to ensure comfort, I didn't want to get them and not wear them because I was uncomfortable. 

Some of you ask, buying shoes online? Always do your research on sizing and make sure you know what size you are internationally and measure the width of your foot.

Did thigh highs make it in to your wardrobe this season, if so where from?
 Photography by @wearefoundau and @maryanneirhia
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