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A Sweet Idea for Date Night, A New Treat for you Try

Sponsored by Mookie
Paul and I always struggle to find things to do after dinner, I mean apart from eating what else is there? Well, there's eating dessert... Have we been hiding a rock?! We just found out that Mookie makes desserts and concretes at that.

When I found out that Mookie makes concretes - I fully freaked. the. hell. out! That means no more travelling to the south for concretes. MOOKIE was the answer to our late night rendezvous (meaning 8pm lol) But it's somewhere we could go to after dinner.

You can imagine how insanely excited I was, when the owner of Mookie asked us if we wanted to collaborate on a concrete flavour. We already knew that bacon would have to be in it.

So there you have it, with our taste buds combined, Paul and I came up with the 'Luna Bacon' so what does it have in it you ask? Well you will have to go in and order one! I'll give you a clue bacon and vanilla custard. I know it sounds crazy but I swear you'll be surprised. If you love the taste of sweet and savoury - the Luna Bacon was made for you!

So there you have it, if your date is going well and want to 'get to know each other more' OR if your looking for a sweet treat and want to kick on like us rAging parents! Head to Mookie for a concrete and while you're at it, order a 'Luna Bacon'!! Available in June, also please note the final recipe is different to the one photographed above.

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