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A HEAD start with Julz Jane

I love it when, I meet people and they are so passionate about what they do. They take and idea and make it to reality, people should follow their passion more often!

The founder of Julz Jane, Julia has done just that! She's created, very unique head wraps that are delicate and have a holiday vibe to them. They seriously make you feel like your on a boat sailing the Caribbean (yes please!). 

These head wraps are perfect if you heading to the beach OR simply changing the way you style your outfit. I came up with 4 different looks to portray, each of my personas. 
1. Bondi island girl
2. Vampy 90s
3. Topical Caribbean (yah man)
4. Sports Chic (wearing it in a different way entirely)

The gorgeous head wraps are designed and hand made in Bondi. They are truly something special and they made me feel super happy when wearing one. Make a statement with headwear at the races, at the beach or on Saturday when your shopping for groceries - add some luxe and colour to you life!

I was super grateful to chat to Julia and ask her about business and what inspired her to follow her passion. Since she was young, her passion has always been in textiles. Sewing from a young age, a skill which was passed on to her from her mother and grandmother. It's something that's always stayed with her and has been a much loved hobby and now business

What made you decide you would design head wraps?
'I started designing head wraps initially for myself, I couldn't find what I wanted in stores or online so I made what I wanted. I love how headwear totally changes your outfit, especially with BOLD prints'.

What's next?
'In the coming week our online store will have new additions - bun wraps, they are very cool, great for messy top knots or tight buns, they wrap around and tie off".

How to get a head start?
'Follow your passion! My passion at the moment really lies in fashion accessories, I'm just having so much fun with it and I LOVE coming up with lots of interesting ideas.

For more info
You can buy her gorgeous head wraps online at julzjane (10% off when signing up). 
Julia is at the Bondi Markets every month, you can find out dates for the markets on her Instagram @julz_jane. 
I would love to hear about your dreams and what you want to make into reality, email me

A big thank you for my gorgeous NEW rescued hair by Bentleys Hair of Canberra.
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