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Have it all! Be healthy and balanced

Photography by Leah Fitzgerald

We are loving Eden at the Canberra Centre and particularly this session with healthy entrepreneur, Bianca Cheah from Sporteluxe. It's true, our lives are so hectic and we need to take time out for ourselves and discover our inner tranquility.

So in-between the hectic schedule of Fashfest shows and red carpet interviews, DJ and I thought to take some "me time" and see if we could learn any tips on how to live a balanced life. Bianca shares how to do this and more.

Our favourite Bianca quotes from the session   
"Be the best version of yourself!" AMEN!
This mantra has echoed in my mind and since Saturday, I have repeated it every morning - you should try it!

"Be passionate and do what you love"
I'm doing it right now ;)

"Do what makes you happy, follow that path".

Tips on exercise 
This one is a big one for us and we couldn't agree more to what Bianca said "If you aren't enjoying the excerise you are doing and you're thinking - I can't wait for this to be over". DO something else! There's no point in thinking about all that negativity for a whole hour or so. For Bianca, it is Yoga - before bed time "It helps me wind down after a long day".

Style advice
Bianca loves to be comfortable in what she wears, "You don't want to be uncomfortable and fiddling with your clothes". 
So true! So sometimes, I look boyish because of this, but I like it and I like to think - I rock it!

Cool things we didn't know about Bianca Cheah (And maybe think about doing it ourselves)
1. She doesn't use an eye cream! (She just makes sure that when she applies moisturiser she applies it all over her face.
2. Bianca takes no supplements - She tries to eat her way through the vitamins and minerals.
3. When travelling on a plane, "Pack your own snacks, carrot and celery sticks" (plane food has no nutrients and is high in fats).

4. At night she does a shiatsu on her face (I am investigating this now - once I work out how to do it - I'm doing it!) I thinking that stimulation and circulation is the key here.
Photography by Leah Fitzgerald

Our body is a temple so we should treat it that way. Sometimes we just need to press pause and take some time to breathe. 

It was a pleasure to have met you! Follow @Biancamaycheah on Instagram and follow @sporteluxe

JL XO @Janettewojtaszak and DJ @wearefoundau @thefashionvaultau

Stellar photography by DJ @wearefoundau and Leah Fitzgerald @leeyore.
Me with the luminous, Bianca Cheah Sporteluxe

Me with budding photographer Leah Fitzgerald and beauty enthusiast, Amy Burchell
Gina Louise, National Fitness Coach - Les Mills and Bianca Cheah Sporteluxe

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