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The EVY Hair Revolution

I love my EVY iQ-OneGlide, it has three unique PTFE strips which allows you to achieve a powerful straight or curly results (in no time!). I have also been told it has the capacity to straighten and leave your hair with inner hydration, as it has mineral infused technology. It takes me half the time to straighten because of it's thick plates! (I mean who wouldn't want to save time!). The super long chord makes is easy to manoeuvre around my head aswell so thats a big win for me! (no more awkward arm movements).

I think the EVY iQ-OneGlide is pretty cool because...
The new technology plates contain 24-carat gold for smoother glide;
There's the unique three strip design for even tension and faster results;
The digital temperature control from 130-210C (the digital factor makes it easy to read);
It's also available in both 1” and 1.5” plates; AND
It has a 3 metre professional cord!

Visit Bond Hair Religion in Kingston, 
Axis Hairdressing and  Epic Hair Studio to get your hands on one!

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