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Sydney, 2 days and 1 night

Life is wonderful when your eating and sipping your way through Sydney!

Our eyes were spoilt for choice from oogling Sydney Harbour Bridge and the Opera House. There was so much to appreciate and discover on our mini get away. As Canberra is only three hours away, Paulie and I decided to hop on a bus, visit friends, eat and sip our way through the fancy parts of Sydney.

Day 1 - Woolloomooloo
Cocktails @ Manta restaurant
I love discovering new places, I mean who doesn’t?! We decided we would take a stroll to Woolloomooloo Finger Wharf, it was 4pm in the afternoon – the perfect timing for cocktails! We spotted Manta restaurant, it offered the the kind of vibe I was feeling. We sipped the afternoon away (too easily) on delightful passionfruit cocktails = heaven!

Cocktails and Dinner - Potts Point
Cocktails @ Yellow
Dinner @ Chochosan
There’s something about Yellow that makes you feel a little your sitting in a New York
Paul had never been to Cho cho san and after raving on about, we had to go! Although, if you get the chance to put your name down an hour before you want to eat, it is probably worth it. If you like char-grilled prawns and pork bao – then this place is for you not to mention the award winning minimal interiors. Take me back here anytime!
Day 2 - Circular Quay
Cocktails @ Hacienda 
I was in Cuba! Well, it felt like I was in Cuba! (Sydney) being by the water just makes me, whole and happy. Hacedia has the best water views! Ever! You must go here.
Talk a walk and explore more
If you haven’t already had the chance to check out the new Gateway dining precinct - you should if your already in Circular Quay. We got lost in the choices of cakes and Macaroons from Zumbo; and banana and Nutella crepes or taste testing the varieties of ice cream from Messina, from apple pie to your simple favourites, strawberry and chocolate.

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