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Profile: Mussen - Simone Zappe

Getting to know Simone Zappe has been so lovely. After a gym session she recognised I too was entrepreneurial and she handed me the latest Collective magazine (With SJP on the cover). Making new friends can be interesting but there is something about Simone that inspires me. I love meeting like minded people that are entrepreneurial traits and love what they do. For me reading books about designers, entrepreneur's journey's and how to improve yourself always wins me over sitting in front of the television. As a fashion expert, I wanted to get to know the buyer side of owning a store so as I browsed through the racks, I asked her a few questions about the beginning of her store journey.
Simone showing me tropical spring prints
Amelia and Simone
Why did you open a clothing store?
From such a young age I always wanted to be a shop keeper. I used to play with my dolls and always pretend I had a shop. I guess it was always a dream of mine.

Who is you favourite designer, why?
My favourite designer is Victoria Beckham. I admire her passion for fashion. I am a firm believer that you need to dress to suit your body and I feel as though she is a great advocate for this. I love the quality of her pieces and the styles.

How to make the perfect flat lay?
Always make sure you have some sort of a pop colour and a white base to work with.

What is your day like when you run your own store?
I usually get in before the store opens and firstly grab a coffee, which is essential to start my day hehe. I like to get in early, light our scented candles so the store smells nice and then just play around with the store. We love our social media so during the quiet times we use that time to take photos, or plan what we have upcoming. Usually the quiet periods are when we first open the store then, we get a mad rush at lunchtimes and the store is usually always consistently busy during the afternoons. I always find it fun to help customers find the perfect outfit, and making them feel beautiful. Usually my friends will come and visit me at some point and we will laugh, drink coffee, and play dress ups.

What are you top three spring forecast tips? 
1. High neck halters
2. 70's prints
3. More smart/casual wear
Pink of red lips? 
Red, I always love a good red lip. I am a very classic person, I love simple looks with a bold red lip.
A couple of tips of entrepreneur?
1. Sometimes things fall apart so even better things can fall together.
2. Always be consistent, when writing the story of your life don’t let anyone else use the pen.
3. Forget the mistake, remember the lesson.
What is next?
I love Sydney, so I think the next move will be Sydney and open a store there.

A little more personal
Tell me a bit about your family?
My family comes from Germany, I was born there we migrated to Australia in the early 1990's. Both my parents have always been hard workers. They thought that coming to Australia would be a better life for myself and my brother. So my parents worked really hard to provide us with a good upbringing. My dad was an engineer when he was in Germany, when he came to Australia he didn’t know any English, and his qualifications at that time didn’t translate in Australia, so my dad got a job as a cleaner at night, and my mother worked during the day which would enable someone to always be at home for us kids. My mother had come to Australia when she was younger so she had some English, and since we moved to Australia she has worked at Parliament House. I guess for me my parents worked so hard for myself and my brother, the reason as to why I work full time and have the shop is I want to one day have a family of my own and I don’t want to have the pressure of going back to work full time, I also want to give back to my parents for all the time and money they have invested in me.

Whats something not many people know about you? 
I used to play basketball seriously. A lot of my friends still to this day do not believe it.

Do you prefer pizza or pasta? 
Pizza! Always! You can always change up the toppings

Where is your go to bar or dinner place in canberra?
Hmmm it changes but at the moment im really loving Monster in New Acton. Whether you go there during the day or at night it has this amazing vibe that makes you feel homely. 

Tell me about your hair extension you now stock?
I have always been obsessed with hair. Since I was in a my late teens I've always had hair extensions. Recently I have discovered that there is not anywhere accessible to purchase good quality thick hair extensions. So I decided to take on this new venture and see what happens. Im working with Cat Malak, she has an amazing brand "Raven Waves" hair extensions so I think that both of us combined will be able to provide luscious, affordable, beautiful hair extensions to Australia.
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