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It all starts with...

A brilliant idea
Brilliant ideas are hard to come by. In the event of trying to come up with one you must start of with one simple idea. I remember when I first started designing I had to go back and start with the art foundations.

As a designer and stylists I thought about what:
1. Colours I would use
2. Textures that would work together/separately 
3. Kind of shapes I was hoping to create
4. Types of material I would use

I quickly learnt it was about using something that had already existed and then finding a new purpose for it. Through experimenting with different looks and way to wear items I came up with some pretty interesting ideas.

Take this pompom, made from wool woven, then cut and tied off. Something so simple but used in an unusual way. I created this pompom headpiece for th Spring, Copacabana shoot.

 Photography by Garry Chiu
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