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Literally, New York Fashion Week 2015

Talk about making something a reality. From a field of poppy's to a top with poppy's on it. This years New York Fashion Week was filled with many designs that were taken literally. I love the fact that some of these designers have expanded their minds, taking inspiration from flowers to brands that already exists. Making them apart of something out of the their usual purpose. Expanding your mind and opening your thought process is a difficult thing to do. I believe that being open to new ideas and accepting them is the only way to ace this. Think about how you can evolve any idea and make an alternate purpose for it. You will see here a collection expanded thoughts spun in a new way.

MBFWA 2014

This image has so many design aspects to it. You can see where some of the ideas have come from.
1. Alien bag - This could have derived from a picture.
2. The bladed necklace - Literally, something that is real but then made in to something wearable.

I was intrigued by the alien bag and wanted to expand on it. In my mind, I thought about:
1. How else I can make it?
2. What kinds of materials I could use?
3. What would happen if I duplicated it in Photoshop, manipulated it, flipped it even warped it?

These kinds of concepts are ones I can use in my designs, styling and writing. Pop art is a movement that began in the 1950's and is heavily used in our time today. It was Andy Warhol, who brought Pop Art in to the public eye and fashion today is influenced by it still and will continue to, in to the future. He replicated many mass produced images in such a simple way with everyday items and received a triumph of publicity for it. This in only one way to get your art spoken about for many years to come. 

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