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Oversized Zara shirt

Could I be more in love with this piece? I think not. I have worn this shirt twice already this week and I don't usually double up on pieces during the week but I'm so love with how over sized it is and it's boxy shape. 
I found this little shirt number at Zara and what I call these 'circle circus' pants from 'Target' (said in Gok Wans voice), last season. 
I think I spent a total of three hours exploring and researching the perfect sunglasses it was a toss up between the Prada babies and these Le Specs ones.
  You all know I am a collector of luxury fashion but I just couldn't go past these frames - at a price of $59.95, such a steal from David Jones.
 I encourage all of you to explore in stores that wouldn't normally go in to and just try pieces on. You too can find a pair of 'circle circus' pants! Tip: I have noticed that some of the sizes can be varied, so bring in a couple of sizes with you in to the change room.

Happy exploring JL X
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