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Welcome Prada and Hugo Boss

Happy new year everyone!! I hope your new years resolutions are well in order, remember there's no point in having them if you don't check on how you are tracking. Now to business,
I thought it was about time that I finally shot with my new Prada baby. I love the smell and cool texture of the leather, not to mention the gorgeous gold detail. Prada welcome to my bag collection!
I was at the boxing day sales which I had never been to before. And let me tell you it was hectic but I loved evey moment of it. I wanted to share what I picked up - so Five Serves Photography and I went on a little shooting spree. I haven't bought the waxed jeans yet and could't believe I didn't have a pair (as I don't usually follow trends), but why the heck not? So I bought a pair. These little skinny's were perfect! And they didn't make me look big in the thighs either. I actually felt surprisingly comfortable in them. 
As you all know I am a huge fan of anything with gold so this little Sass and Bide T-shirt had me - it was love at first sight. 
Now to the last buy, my Hugo Boss classic caramel pumps. I couldn't even believe my eyes when I noticed that such a classic colour was one sale, down to $280. Next thing you know I'm walking out with them, I was walking on air and had already planned my out fit for the next day.
I learnt 2 things early this year!
1. I will definitley hit the boxing day sale no matter wear I am in the world; and
2. Look for amazing buys in Hugo Boss.
I mean after all, can you really have too many shoes?

X Janette Lenk
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