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Reveal the monochrome

The new Autumn Winter collection for 2014
Reveal the monochrome
  My collection is finally finished, it's here! I have been working on this project with my seamstress for a few months now. I can say that I am extremely exited to see my vision come to life. It was a nice process using materials that I had been holding on to from America and ones that I specifically sourced for this collection.
My pieces are wearable and are perfect for this season. There's a lot of print on print and colour clash, which you can dumb down with a simple white shirt or top for work. In conversations I had with friends we found that there was a gap for affordable designer skirts.   
I wanted to bridge the gap, so here it is, a sneak peak on my collection that was shot at the new QT hotel in Canberra, it was privilege to shoot there considering it just opened last week! I adore this place, I posed in front of some quirky print on print wall paper and created some visually stimulating images.
 I hope you like what you see! A big thank you to 5servesphotography! Don't forget to follow us on instagram @janettelenk @biscuitmagazine
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