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Event recap: A night with Sephora, what's next for beauty 2020

In collaboration with Sephora
This blog post is a a recap of the Sephora event I went to a few weeks back. It also covers the future of skin care and beauty. Where it is headed 2020 and beyond.

Ever imagine what beauty heaven looks like?

Sephora took me there and I was literally floating at the gates.

In heaven.
If you are a beauty enthusiast and try stay ahead of the beauty ball game when it comes to knowing the latest and greatest of beauty and skin care.

This event is for you!!

The beauty event is open to the public but you do have to be a gold member. Find out more at Sephora.

It's great because you get first hand a tour of the new products available at Sephora. I even got colour matched (with Tarte samples) to try at home.

Winning!! I mean we spend so much $$ on products you want to love them before you buy a $50 bottle of concealer.

Am I right?!

What's next for beauty 2020 

Ever heard of the expression from ’gate to plate’?

Same deal with ‘farm to face’ is what I like to call it.

Some of these plant-based products have taken the world by storm. For example, Squalane, rosehip, tumeric and coconut are some of the ingredients you'll find in our skincare routines. 

I love this 'el natural' way, don't worry they use labs to test for results.
Murad with the Vitamin C creams and serum on steroids

I do worry that some of the 'natural' products won't do diddly-squat...

I need all the 'anti-ageing' I can get!

Their labs do the testing and these products have some great testimonials. Make sure you do your research on the products first. Even ask for samples at Sephora.

The Verdict

As I get older the concept of fresh-pressed, farm-to-face true and eco-friendly production ticks all my boxes.

I. Care.

About what is in it, where it is made, tested, is it eco friendly? I may not choose the 'right' skin care products...

But they are right for me and at least I have done my research and tested it our myself.
Here are some of the brands that really stood out to me.
You nourish everything else, why not give VOTARY love you your lips
My new fave product. You can feel it activate your pores, Peter Thomas Roth, Pore minimizing treatment
The super hero product Tarte, Shape Tape

If you ever see the invite pop up in your emails, its great way to stay ahead of the beauty game and take home some goodies.

Anyway, I will keep you posted on these. The goodie bag is INSANE, so many new products to try. I'm still busy rummaging through it.
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