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Beauty inspo: Ace your Valentine’s Day date night look

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Do you want to ace your Valentine’s Day date night look?

I do and I want to rock something a little different other than my everyday look.
I get stuck with the same old make up look (which don’t get me wrong, I LOVE).


There’s a time and place for everyday makeup. I want you to think outside the box for once. This look is easy to achieve and you have ALL done it before.

If you’re are heading out on a Valentine’s Day date try this twist on a ‘classic’ smouldering look.

It is the smokey eye applied with a rose gold eye shadow.

What you need

1. Eye mask (I used the Skyn eye gels from Mecca Maxima)
Do your eyes first! For any eyeshadow fall out you can just wipe it away, without messing up your foundation.
2. Eyeshadow brush
3. Blender ‘fluffy’ brush
4. Eyeliner brush
5. Eye shadow pallet – choose the rose gold colour (I used the Revolution pallet from Priceline)

What to do

1. As you would create a smokey eye with the charcoal colour swap it for a rose gold shadow.
Using the eye shadow brush and rose gold shadow, shade you eye socket up to the lower edge of the eye brow bone.
Using the eye liner brush line the bottom of your eye with the shadow and bring it all the way in (to your tear duct).
Using your ‘fluffy brush’ blend it, make sure it looks smooth and even.


Apply your everyday foundation, bronzer, mascara (lashes) and HIGHLIGHTER!

Swipe on some clear lip gloss, pout (in the mirror) and off you go!


If you’re stuck and want some more beauty product inspo, Mecca Maxima and Priceline have product experts and can recommend the latest hero products! I love going in for a chat, they seems to always give me product solutions.

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