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The perfect summer dress: What to look for!

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This post will teach you how to choose the perfect summer dress.

Dresses are my 'everything' in summer if you don’t have your selected staple dress, now is the time to stock up!
With Portman’s, Forever New and Bardot on sale at Canberra Centre it’s easy for you to stock up without feeling guilty.

I have decided to wear all new pretty dresses at home! What’s the point in them making the cupboard pretty? We all need to wear them ‘NOW’ and not just for special occasions!

This one is from Zara, it’s comfortable, a loose fit (in some areas) and all my fave colours!

Stylist tip: What to look for

1. one that is over the knee (so you’re not constantly pulling it down)
2. a super light fabric, think silk or linen 
3. a slight loose fit (for when you are chasing your little one or putting out the washing). I always look for fitted on top to show some shape

Remember the perfect summer dress will make you feel fresh and beautiful. Your dresses should be easy to dress up (wear to your Christmas party) and dress down (wear at home).
Swap your sneakers for strappy heels and partner them with statement bucket bags!
Enjoy this post?! Let me know if you have found your summer dress!
Photography by Lydia Downe

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