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My last minute Christmas gift guide: Useful and meaningful gifts to give

Sponsored by Canberra Centre
How quickly has year passed? I blinked and it's 4 days until Christmas and now Luna is almost 2 years old.

I have partnered with Canberra Centre to bring you my last minute Christmas gift guide.
If you’re a last minute shopper like me and your getting it done this weekend, here are some affordable Christmas gifts to buy.

Whether you’re looking for some inspo for you, to give or to get - I got you!

Forward this post on to your husband, mum or bestie. We all need a little help sometimes.

For the fashionista 
Know a fashion trendsetter? My fashion picks are easy and affordable must-have's for summer.

Collette - Clutches
For the woman craving colour in their life.

Choose either one of these fruitful clutches and bring some brightness to experiment with. Fromm $29.95, you can't go wrong.
H&M - Head accessories
Keep her noggin' covered! H&M have the coolest hat selection out! From straw to base ball caps, who doesn't love a new hat! I'm so impressed with their selection, I walked out of there with two new ones. Prices starting from $5.
For the beauty enthusiast
For the beauty enthusiast. Think nourishment for the hands (that have worked so hard) and some glam to experiment with. These ideas are a must! 
Priceline - Eyeshadow pallets from Revolution Makeup 
For the woman who needs a little help with their make up.
Giving a pallet will force them to experiment and that’s what I love about giving make up! You might get inspired to buy one at these prices! LOVE. Prices from $8.
L'Occitane - Shea butter hand cream
For the woman who needs a new hand cream (don't we all?!)
I adore this Shea butter hand cream, this 'classic' hand cream is a crowd favourite. If  she receives it, I promise she will be happy! $45.
Lush - Bath bombs
Anyone who owns a bath needs one of these. Lush has a great range of bath bombs for every need. stress relief, moisturising and relaxing. Prices from $6.95.
For the little girls
These ideas are a win/win for everyone. They are colourful, small and will keep them entertained!

Seed - Girly toys and scrunchies
You don’t need to spend a lot of money on your little ones, they are more interested in the wrapping paper than the actual gifts.

I love these cute little Lama toys, scrunchies and ear stickers! You can go crazy with them and use them as incentives to get things done around the house. Prices from $5.95.
Sportsgirl - Diaries
Help her be organised for the New Year! So many cute calendars and diaries for 2020 at Sportsgirl. Prices from $12.95.
There you have it a little last minute Christmas gift inspiration. I hope this helps with your gift buying this year.

Don't be ashamed to forward this post on to your husband, mum or dad. Sometimes we all need a little help.
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