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Do you know what a microdermabrasion does? Resurface, refresh and reset your face

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Start the new season with a clean slate. I’m not talking about "facial scrubs and toning", I’m talking about booking an appointment at the salon to clear, dead skin cells and oil build up!

About twice a year I go and get a microdermabrasion to remove all of the dead skin cells from summer/winter. I love them, I love asking to see the filter then seeing my dead skin cells and oil build up in the filter! (gross I know but at least I can see it works – cause you can SEE IT!

Some of you might not know what a microdermabrasion (AKA micro) is. I am here to tell to about what they are and what my latest experience was like at Eden Laser Clinic at Canberra Centre.

What is a microdermabrasion? AKA - micro
A microdermabrasion is a non-invasive skin treatment. It exfoliates and removes the dead, dull, outermost layer of skin. The instrument used is like an eraser end (think pencil with the small eraser at the top) with fine sandpaper and a circle opening to suck all the gunk out.
It’s wiped all over you’re your face, leaving your skin smooth, cleaner and brighter. It removes the un-even layer of the skin by sanding it. This helps with the absorption of your serums and creams.

What happens…
For those of you that haven’t been for one and would like to know, this is what happens.
  1. Your face gets a double cleanse.
2.      Your face gets wiped down with s high alcohol based solution, which tests your skins barrier.
  1. A Woods lamp gets hovered over your face to show what is hiding under your skin. Where there is an orange tinge, that means there is a build-up of oil. For me that was around my nose and in between my eye brows. The white speckles show where the dryness is.
  2. While your face is being held taught the instrument gets wiped (in small) sections all over your face then concentrated serum is applied and works its magic! Simple right. I think it's pain free.
After Care
There is no down time as such, your skin may be a little sensitive, red AND your face will be naked.  It is best to go to sleep without washing your face and starting your routine back up the next day. 
I found that I broke out on day two and when I mean broke out I got three pimples. I never get pimples but I got them. If it means my skin can reset and absorb all the delicious nutrients properly – then I’m happy with that!

Why is a micro good?
1.      A micro is good as it's a deeper exfoliation, (one you can’t get at home) it decongests the skin.
2.     When you apply active ingredients (serums and moisturisers) they can absorb deeply in to the skin. Doing their job. As you get a build up of dead skin cells and have blocked pore, your serums and moisturisers can't penetrate the skin as much. Stopping them from actively working deeper in to the skin.
3.      They remove dead and uneven layers of the skin. Helping the serums and moisturisers actually work their magic.

How to get the most out of your micro?
1. Exfoliate weekly, keeping the dead skin cells off.
2. Use a mask, I love Peter Thomas Roth's 24 Gold Mask. I look forward to putting it on each week (yay for me time!).
3. Keep up skin routines and use a high vitamin c and hydrating serum.

There you have it, resurface, refresh and reset your skin. Now is a good time to give your skin some new life. Check out Eden Laser Clinics they have so many other services to offer.
Photography by Lydia Downe
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