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Amazing Brows: Top 3 tips from the eye brow Queen, Sharon Lee

I have always been obsessed with eyebrows, they frame your face and when you see a really good set - you compliment them! Thankfully mine grew back when I over-plucked them when I was 16! Celebrity eyebrow queen, Sharon shaped my brows a couple months back and I am trying to keep them on track. I caught up with her to find out her top 3 tips to keep my brows in shape until I saw her again in November.

Since having them done by her, I have had a few enquiries so I wanted to share her tips and information about her. I have decided that next time, I will keep the top of my eyebrows untouched as I like the thickness. It's great to be able to work with someone to get your ideal look. 

I am really looking forward to seeing her in November as I am getting some brow strokes to define my inner brows. This is an exclusive semi-permanent treatment and I can't wait to try it! I will share that too so stay tuned.

Sharon Lee's top 3 tips to keep your brows in shape!
Once you have the shape and colour you love, remember these 3 tips:
  1. Tweeze. At least twice a week to keep regrowth at bay. If you remove the hair when it’s just breaking the skin you can be sure it’s hair that is not supposed to be there and you’ll retain your shape longer. Once the hair gets too much length you’ll struggle to differentiate new growth from established growth.
  2. Gloss and groom. A slick of vaseline or even a little lip balm go a long way to keeping the hair shiny and healthy. Follow with a light brush in the direction you want. This will have them sitting properly and staying in place longer.
  3. Book ahead. Brow appointments should be regular. The time between appointments will depend on how you maintain your brows at home, how much hair you have, whether you need tinting or bleaching and your budget. In any case once you know just how often you need a professionals attention which will likely include a thorough wax and result in a much cleaner overall brow…. make the booking and let your brows grow out a good week prior as the more hair there is to work with, the better the result.
If you would like to follow Sharon, admire brows and perhaps book in contact her here.
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