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A Pinch Me Moment: BTS with Microsoft X Harvey Norman Commercial

This blog post is about my recent commercial with Microsoft and Harvey Norman for the NEW Surface Go. I am so proud of this piece of work and I still can't believe it! It doesn't air until the end of the month but I will tell you I have seen the first cut and I am beyond EXCITED!

I was having a pinch me moment when my agency in Sydney called me to see if I wanted to be in the new commercial for Microsoft and Harvey Norman?! I didn't believe it at first, it was honestly too good to be true. They would fly me up to Sydney, organise accomodation, and take care of everything we needed. The best thing about it was that I could take Luna and my best friend, Ashley with me. All I had to do was be me, a stylist, designer, blogger and mum!!

Little did I know that my ice skating skills would come in handy! And I would somehow pose in some of the hardest yoga poses, while a drone would fly over to film me.

All of the scenes were filmed in Bondi, such a breath taking place to be. I thought I would share my most fave scenes without giving away too much!

Practicing yoga on the cliffs of Moore Park, Bondi
This scene was intense, I had people walking past, all the Executives from Microsoft and Harvey Norman watching, people walking past and a crew of 20 people making sure we got the perfect shot.

Little did I know that my ice skating skills would come in handy! I didn't think I would have a drone hovering over me AND I had to hold the pose for over 20 seconds, ON A CLIFF!! I didn't stuff up, Phew thank God, in fact the producer said he was very impressed (and so was I!).

Riding a bike on the water front of Bondi beach
This scene was so funny because, when was the last time I rode a bike, a beach cruiser at that?! Well I think 2 years. SO not that long ago but I was in front of executives, a crew of 20 and people starring at you. All of a sudden - I don't know how to ride the bike, lol - I pulled it together though! So funny, we all had a laugh.
Benito capturing the moment

And lastly calling mum on Skype with Luna, can't believe it she's going to be on TV too! I can't wait to see how that footage looks! Feeling proud.

So happy that I am a part of this amazing new product. Next week we re off to the Surface Go launch in Sydney. Hand on heart, I really love the device - it's light, has stand, I can draw on it; and has an 8 megapixel rear camera so I can capture moment! It's perfect for me!

Thank you SO much to my bestie and basically sister, Ashley who took care of Luna while mummy was busy filming! Love you! XO
Getting copies of photos from Jamie on the new USB3.
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