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10 Things we Loved About the New Heath Ledger: Life in Pictures Exhibition

Katarina Thane, Luna and me with Julie Samaras

Heath Ledger: A life in pictures is the new and free exhibition at the National Film and Sound Archives. The exhibition launch was a lovely evening, celebrating the life and diverse work of one of Australia's most acclaimed and beloved actors, Heath Ledger. Luna and I swayed to the raw, sweet sounds of artist, Grace Woodroofe and mingled with some of Australia's elite actors (lucky us).

One question that was asked by Jan Müller, CEO of NFSA. Was... 'what if? What if he was still around?' There was complete silence in the audience and you could tell, we were deeply thinking about it, 'what if?'. Curated in collaboration with his family, Health Ledger: Life in Pictures offers a very rare insight into the man in front and behind the camera.
Jan Müller, CEO of NFSA and Abbie Kornish
10 Things we Love about the exhibition
1. It's Free!
2. There are screenings of some of his films for you to enjoy. This is a must if you have never been to Arc cinemas
3. You will be inspired to watch some of his classics
4. You can admire the costumes and clothing he wore
5. You can oogle pictures of him, and see how he grew up over the years
6. You will be inspired to watch the Dark Knight again!
7. If you love motorbikes, you can appreciate two of Heath's motorcycles
8. You can put yourself in Heath's shoes and read research journals with hand-written notes
9. Take a peek in to Heath's own photographic work
10. You Celebrate the life and work of one of Australia's most acclaimed and beloved actors.
Asher Keddie and Vincent Fantauzzo

The exhibition will be running until February next year. For any more information about the exhibition please contact the NFSA.

For the full program, including screenings of some of Heath's films checkout NFSA.
Screening of:
Ned Kelly
Monster's Ball
Rebel without a Cause
The Brother's Grimm
I'm Not There

Photos provided by Irene Dowdy NFSA
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