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Tuesday, 28 November 2017

My Baby Shower: A feast for the eyes!

I thought it would be lovely to share my baby shower garden picnic with you all, as it was just far too pretty  – not too!
A lot of time and planning went in to it and if it wasn’t for my sister and partner in crime, Ashley. I wouldn’t of been able to bring my vision to life.

So much prep went in to the display - We didn’t do it all on our own, I hired an event co-ordinator to help with the organisation and the display. This was such a good idea as it lifted some of the stress in preparing and setting up. Which meant it allowed more time for me to put on my crown!
I chose to have my baby shower at The Rose Gardens because - when Paul and I got married, 2 years ago our reception was at the Lobby and our wedding photos were in the Rose Gardens. I remembered how beautiful all the roses were that time of year and had to have that back ground!
I had so much fun with making the ice cubes, parting the petals from the roses and popping them into the ice cube trays! Making the champagne buckets the prettiest buckets you have ever seen.

We sipped on Mumm champagne and hydrated with San Pellegrino, sparkling water. We indulged in savouries - sausage rolls and spinach and ricotta triangles from Dobinson’s (of course) AND as for the sweeties - chocolate covered strawberries, mango and kiwi ice blocks and coconut bliss balls, handmade by Ashley.
The spread – The day wouldn’t of been complete with an array of cheeses and GF crackers. With plenty of fresh fruit ranging from pomegrates, mangoes and pineapple – it sure was a colourful feast for the eyes.
I was spoilt with a layered red velvet cake, made by one of my lady loves Lee.

Such a bonus to be planning it with my bestie (my sister) Ashley, all the brunch planning sessions and trips to Costco – thank you. I have to say thank you to my beautiful lady loves for making the day run so smooth.
I had such a blissful time at my baby shower - I felt so much love. I was feeling overwhelmed with all the love and sweet words in the books to our baby, I can't wait to read them. You're all so thoughtful, thank you to my lady loves (and my besties for travelling) and sharing the special day with me! 


Photography by Leah Fitzgerald


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