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Beauty talk with Eleanor Pendleton at the Minimalist Beauty workshop - Canberra Centre

Who wasn't in beauty heaven, Saturday morning listening to the beautiful and delightful Eleanor Pendleton from Gritty Pretty at her master class at the Canberra Centre?! I know I was, listening to the beauty guru.
"Simplify your beauty" she said, and it got me thinking - women these days don't really have hours and hours to put a face on but if you can enhance your features but using a few products, you can get your make up routine down pat and done in 4 minutes or less. Eureka! I have been doing this for a little while now, but I do need a few new items in my make up bag. Mecca Maxima and Leah (another friend beauty guru) saved me on that front!

I got some great tips from Eleanor which, I will definitley apply and appreciate when, taking time out to myself on my skin regime. Eleanor's right! That two minutes is for YOU and its caring for yourself. Another item that is life changing (and I agree) IS luminator! Since using it it has brought my face alive and I glow - I love it. you all should strobe!

I have always thought that matte make up makes you look way older than what you really are when you use it, and I loved it when Eleanor emphasised what I had been thinking for years. Throw that old matte foundation out and get yourself a new one!

Five things you must start doing - Beauty wise
1. Don't rub in your concealer, gently dab it in.
2. Use cosmetics to enhance your look, Not mask them.
3. Try a smokey eye with brown tones.
4. Use Luminator - its life changing.
5. Take two minutes out for yourself and work on your skin regime (even if it's only 2 minutes) its for YOU!
How to blend, with a fluffy blush
A natural smokey eye, done with brown tones
Me and Eleanor :)
Me, Leah Fitzgerald and Sofia Polak

I am so in love with the new beauty precinct, what girl doesn't love brands like Mecca Maxima, L'occitane, Inglot, Mina and The Body Shop? A big thank congratulations to the Canberra Centre, the beauty precinct will be a huge success, I loved attending the masterclass - thank you!

For information on the upcoming masterclasses head to the Canberra Centre.
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