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Festival Ready! Spilt Milk here we come!

Here are our top 5 tips to get yourself ‘Spilt Milk’ ready!

2. Fake tan it up! Our skin hasn’t really seen the sun for a while so avoid the pale skin look – tan it up with our new fave, Rimmel tan (I’m wearing the dark one).

Left leg, no tan and right leg tanned.

3. Drink lots of water and stay hydrated!! In between all of the delicious refreshments, be sure to top up on the waters too! There will be free water station’s around the event site, keep a lookout for those.

4. Make your eyes POP! Seeing as though you will be in a sea of people, I think the only thing that really will be seen will be our beaming, happy, faces SO make sure your eye game is strong. We will be wearing some of the new shades from Rimmel’s Magnify ‘eyes, eye shadow pallet (Insert WINK here).
4. Wear sunscreen. Thanks to the Cancer Council, you can slip, slop, slap and be protected from the sun. You can find the sunscreen near the information booth and the Helping Hands tents.
5. DON’T FORGET TO… Screen shot the copy of the set times and the map, so you can run from stage to stage and know exactly when sticky fingers will play!

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