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Contouring with something different

All the rage at the moment is contouring. I had this weird epiphany last night and wondered if I could just contour with fake tan. So I gave it a whirl!

What you need:
1.       A blush brush for application
2.       Fake tan, the one I used was Le Tan, face tan - Radiant Glow
3.       Your best fish lips face (wink)

What to do:
1.       Apply a small dab of fake tan on to your brush.

2.       Apply it to your face as if you were contouring with contour powder.
3. Blend it in!!

I liked applying it with a blush brush because I could concentrate on bringing out my cheeks and putting it lightly all over (NOT under my eyes, making me look tired) I totally avoided that area.

I slept with the tanner on all night and washed my face the next day (as I normally do) Started my daily moisturiser and make up routine.

VoilĂ ! A contoured face using fake tan (this look will last me a few days) Dare you to try it!?  You know the celebs do!

Sometimes I get these crazy ideas and I just try them! This one happens to work and stays on for a few days! 

I hope you like my little discovery and secret (which is no more)

Have you ever tried something weird that works for you?
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