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The NEXT summer style

Lucky me, while visiting Leslie Henshaw from the world-class salon,  NEXT in Braddon, I thought while I was there, I may as well ask this hair extrodinare what hair trends will be in this Summer 16. This is what he said...

Summer! Blonde, blonde, blonde! (happy that I chose getting ashy blonde highlights all over!) Now that the sun is coming out, people will want the sun kissed look. What is it? I asked, it's a relaxed boho, beachy feel. He took me to right to the water by the beach. The best way to get this look is by using sea salt spray!
Maybe try...                                      
Hair tips we all want to know from a professional, my questions answered.

1. What is one item a client should walk away with from a hair salon?
That would be, Unite 7 seconds - 7 Things in 7 seconds. (That's 6 more impressive that 1!)

2. What one thing you would reccommend to customers?
Never underestimate the power of a treatment. Taking vitamins for your bod. Vitamins for your hair, make them happy and shine.

Finally, Leslie's final comment: People should know lightning your hair from dark to light is a process - patient is required!

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