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What a final night for Fashfest! Every single person involved was smiling ear to ear. As I sit here thinking about how quick the four nights passed - we're already thinking about next year!
Kevin our resident photographer was our arm candy for the night. Deejay and I loved gawking and appreciating the looks we saw on the red carpet.
The night kicked off with blue hues by Zilpah Tart, we loved the bold prints combined with the draped silhouettes .he details on this label made all the front rowers swoon.
Boho Bird
Talk about that sexy bohemian 70s look! Yes, we did. we loved that the collection took us to a warm place, somewhere like the beach or resort. Their collection certainly looked like it was easy to wear. 
We were intrigued by the cuts and details by The Cameron & James label. Standing apart from mainstream men wear labels their clothes set them apart. The edgy layers and black and white combinations are statement. Whether you wear them as a complete outfit or wear them as separates.
Congratulations to the CIT all-star showcase! The show highlighted the graduates' amazing diversity in aesthetics - the best from each of the six collections. This is one of our fave looks.
With perfectly cut, coats draping to the ground, we fell head over heels in love with these coats. the perfect colour pallet for this winter.
The Finale <3
Nicolas Ellis - Co-producer and Steve Wright - Producer
Fashfest catapulted to the top and became the biggest fashion event held in our city. We thank them for having us for all four nights, it was a phenomenal expericence and loved every moment. Bring on 2016!
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