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I've got a serious chromance on with these glasses, I just can't get enough, they make everything better, and they add some serious edge to my look. For some reason I never change my earrings but I have an abundance of them. It's like I collect them and build my collection and rotate 2 different pairs. Over the next few weeks, I am going to mix up my style and play in my collection. The ones I'm wearing here and from my dear friend, Ashley and I got them for my birthday. The earrings by Marc Jacobs, candy canes in black and white, with of course a small gold plate. I love this gold belt from Oxford, I always find great sales in there, however, I don't think their stock goes on sale. I think that is their sales marketing strategy. It's pretty smart if you ask me, who doesn't like getting a sale?! Speaking of sales, I'm waiting for the Christmas ones!!

Glasses: Croatia markets
Belt: Oxford
Dress: Zara
Shoes: Nike
Trench: Forever New (super light for the rain)
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