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Saturday, 22 November 2014

Blue Jeans + a White T-Shirt

Sometimes all you want to is wear jeans and a T-shirt! 
I love this look, it's clean plus boys do it all the time, so why can't we?! I actually felt really comfortable shooting in these pieces. I forgot how much I love jeans! To top it off I had the talented team at Hair House Warehouse, Belconnen work on my (now) lush locks. I love this caramel colour, it was exactly what I asked for!

 You don't have to spend a lot on basics, in fact this T-shirt (from Target) was a whole $4! And my jeans from H&M $19.95! Complete look for under $30! Crazy lens sunglasses are a great way to customise your personal look. I got these lens's at the Croatia markets.

T-Shirt: Target
Jeans: H&M
Hair: For appointments contact - Hair House Warehouse, Belconnen (Westfield)
Photography: 5servesphotography


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