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Italian signora gypsy farmer

We headed to the country side near Colleramole in Florence. It was like sea of vineyards I had to get amongst it and let my inner gypsy out. Florence this time of year is sweltering and I couldn't be out for too long so we had to ale it quick. Earlier on in the day Lucrezia and I worked on a collaboration, where I would pick something out and she would draw inspiration from it. 
She recreated these gorgeous, feminine embroidered flowers on my nails. It was amazing watching the designs come to life. I had no idea that water colours bonded to the nail polish. I can't wait to try this technique when I get home.
Love this crepe ruffle skirt from Country Road perfect for travels, light and comfortable. I have fallen head over heels in love with this place and have been exploring it, when I don't have class.
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